“Late last year, I received news about the death of a young woman, stabbed to death by her husband as her child lay close by. This tragedy played on my mind. I thought of all the countless acts of Domestic Violence, which go on behind closed doors. People rarely speak, I wanted to speak. I contacted two younger rappers whom I work with, Jae Tee (Isikeli Tavola) and The 26th Letter (Zehrish Naera) about producing a track. We met up and discussed the direction of the track. We decided on three perspectives, the abusers, the female victims and the children.”
- MC Trey

Working closely with prominent artist MC Trey, the graphic novelisque ‘Light’ tells of the detrimental affects domestic violence can have not only on immediate victims, but the children who witness the abuse.

MC Trey’s voice and presence is a formidable force in the Australian Hip Hop community and garners immense love and respect. Thus, Light was intentionally created to relate to the young and impressionable in an attempt to effectively communicate the message. This conversation is a testament to Trey’s focus, passion and overall love of this game and pays respect to one of the original female rappers in Sydney.



Hip Hop artists MC Trey, Soul Benefits, Jae Tee for the violence against women campaign

Location: Sydney

Date: July 2014

Role: Director, Producer, VFX, and Editor