Lebanon Syria Civil War

Lebanon Syria Civil War


For almost a decade, the Lebanese political spectrum has seen a division in those who oppose the Syrian government, and the allies who support the pro-Syrian alliance.

Geographically, Lebanon and Syria are neighbours, and have shared one another’s land and boundaries for some time. Hence, fighting from the Syrian Civil War spilled effortlessly into Lebanon, causing pockets of civil war throughout the country and provoking a resurgence of sectarian violence.

Safi, based in Tripoli at the time, documented the civil clashes over the span of several months, from the infamous bus bombing, which killed Lebanese army officials and coined “…the deadliest attack on the army since a battle with al Qaeda-inspired militants last year”, to the ghost towns that had been evacuated.

Having many days and nights spent in curfew during the clashes, Safi also kept an illustrated record of her time there; eventually creating her internationally acclaimed hand-drawn animation ‘Trab Laus’ (meaning ‘Tripoli’ in Lebanese). The film was screened across Australia, Europe, and the United States, winning an award from the United Nations as well as from SIGNIS based in Spain.



Lebanon Syria Civil War

Location: Tripoli, Beirut

Role: Producer, Director, Camera Operator