All The People

All The People

Safi’s ‘All the People’ is a tale of growth and revival through loss. When we find ourselves lost in a world consumed by fear and inhibition sometimes it takes breaking away and making something beautiful with like minded people to remind us of the power within, the power of coming together and in this case, the power of music! It begins with our young protagonist happily strumming his guitar with his mother by his side. She approaches a window and notices the impending doom in the city nearby.


Meteors are falling from the sky, and there’s no time to lose. They leave their beloved home and float into their digitalised city in an attempt to escape. Both are horrified and confused by the hordes of clones that are far too consumed by their technologies to even notice that they are in danger. With time only enough to bring his guitar, our contemplative friend slowly ascends to space. He takes a moment to farewell the world that he once knew before joining his mother and the remaining survivors.

‘All the People’ reminds us to keep our lives as colourful as possible, particularly in times of loss or transition. Sometimes it takes losing something before we realise exactly how much we have. We are shown the significance of music in bringing people together, even in the most dire circumstances. In a world where everything has become repetitive, unoriginal, and full of mistrust, we see the powerful consequences of picking up a guitar and jamming with the closest stranger to you. At the end of the day, music is one of the most meaningful things that we all have in common where ever we are in the world!

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‘All The People’ Official Music Video

Role: Producer, Motion Graphics, Camera Operator, and Editor